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My "Righteousness" rating is stuck at half a star

One day, like 3 months ago, a nasty neighbor of mine did graffitis on my building. At that time I was at 5 stars for righteousness but after he graffitied my town, I went down to half a star and my rating has since been stuck there even though I cleaned the graffiti.

Do you have any clue why my rating is not going back up?


  • Get more training walls. You can hide them behind other buildings that should help with the stars
  • 4junk3000
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    edited December 2017
    Early on i had to stock up on training walls to maintain a high star rating regardless of graffiti attacks. Eventually i accumulated enough buildings and other items to sell off many of the walls, and hide only a few. Most are in good decorative placement. Get creative! I've seen 3-d skyscrapers made with them that are impressive!
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  • Most people like stashing those walls to keep their rating up but I don't. If you have neighbors who vandalize, you'll have that rating back up to 5 stars in a week or so as long as you're diligent about cleaning it up.
  • My neighbors vandalize my towns all the time and my Righteousness almost never goes down. I don't think it has anything to do with it. I have 5 Training Walls in each of my towns BTW.
    I believe Righteousness is randomly dropped as a server side thing just to irk us (and make us buy things to raise it).
    My #3 town's Righteousness dropped to 1/2 star the other day. I visited my #3 town from both my other towns and graffitied. Shortly after clearing the graffiti my Righteousness went back up. It's back to 5 Stars now.
  • @monctezuma2 It has been a few months since my righteousness drops to half a star just like you. And I need 30 plus Nero walls to hold it up to 5 stars. I noted that as soon as I remove one Nero wall, the righteousness will drop half a star even now. Some suggested to go to Other Springfield to tap on that character sideshow Bob? But I have not seen him before though.
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