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Respectable Moe (Guide)

I woke up yesterday, and there was a update, Tapped Out Update. I updated and got that pop up message from fox about the new sunday episode, and Respectable moe showed up DDDDD

The First Mission is make Moe Strut In Suit (12 Hours)

2nd Mission: Make Homer, Marge and Moe Dine At Truffle. (2 Hours Each)

3rd Mission: Make Moe Clean Up Tavern (2 Days)
(3.2 [For Me] Make Skinner Drink At Moe's)
4th Mission: Make Moe Distil 15-Year-Old Whiskey

Available Stuff In This Weeks Episode:
Respectable Moe (Skin, Free)
Limo (Decoration, 40 Donuts)

Thanks for reading

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