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Theory on how you can influence snake to egg ratios

I just stumbled on an interesting quirk of the game. Fair warning, This is only preliminary so far, and i have only been able to run a relatively small number of tests, but it seems to work for me at least.

As many of you may know, if you leave snakes or eggs floating in your's or a neighbour's town when you leave, those snakes and eggs are lost. I have discovered that if you leave only eggs floating around as you leave a neighbour's town, it appears to increase the odds that you will get more snakes from whacks in the next town.

I have not had a chance to test this out to see if the reverse is true with leaving snakes and getting more eggs, because I ran out of friends to visit for the day. If anyone cares to give this a try and varify if it actually works or is just a matter of luck, and post feedback here, it would be most helpful.

This discovery, if it works, is a bit late in the day, but it may just help a few boarderline players get all the prizes if they can maximise the chances of getting snakes rather than eggs when collecting.

Hope this helps.
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