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Help! Ned hates the motel prize!

Ned's probably scared Edna's going to invite him to the motel. I'm more mad at the ones don't have any snake tasks! Like Wiggum, can't he arrest snakes? Can't Bart run them over with his skateboard?
I too have come to accept the fact I'm not getting the Sleep Eazy or even the Collusem. POSSIBLY the Collusim. I try to drop snakes in people's towns that have even less than me. Some of my neighbors have less than 3000.
I at least got Bare Chested Willie, but I didnt want him as bad as most people did.


  • rolybert7
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    edited May 2013
    He may send em to hell but in the end he gives em to you!!
  • 3V1L
    163 posts
    edited May 2013
    km10201 wrote:
    On a side note my backup plan was to buy the rest with donuts if I was close enough on the last day. Was a great plan till collecting from crabapples apartment accidentally clicked on the hurry up and I lost 20 donuts. I hate that!

    i can't even begin to tell you how many times that **** happened to me. recently i learned that you can make the game confirm spending donuts.

    go to the build menu and look for the little I (on the top right) click it, and there you will find the option to confirm spending donuts.

    good luck whacking :)
  • Z94wzE60x8
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    edited May 2013
    I've wasted donuts doing that too!!! Luckily it's usually been on the brown houses because I have a block of 9 of them. Luckily I found the confirm button but not before I wasted a crap load of them and I can't buy them.
  • km10201
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    edited May 2013
    Oh sure now you tell me! That almost makes me more upset at all the donuts I lost over this past nine months.
  • km10201
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    edited May 2013
    Hey z9 don't give up just yet! The way I look at it is 100 friends means 500 snakes a day. Oh sure some people have 50 houses and you have literally three seconds before they disappear into the houses, but for time and effort that's around 500. I know you will get some eggs...just trade.
    10 snakes every 4 hours is 50 snakes
    Apu, Ned, homer...30 snakes
    Willie wrestling snakes is up to 24 a day
    Lisa is about 12 snakes.
    So 610 a day....plus I don't know the spawn rate....maybe 1 per 4 minutes?
    Just who're yourself out and beg a little....I know it is shameless.... Wake up every hour for Willie.....and hope random people are generous. Who knows?!?!

    Which reminds me... Please help lol!
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