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Thanks, but no thanks...

Pay it forward :) Not to me BTW but I am sure someone needs em!


  • nancalmei
    215 posts
    edited May 2013
    Seriously! I've reached the max prize-wise and I don't care about the whacking boxes so whomever's leaving hidden eggs throughout my town, thanks but no thanks. I'm tired of this f'ing event, it's just not fun anymore. I'll whack whatever is generated in my town but don't waste any eggs on me as I'm not in the state of mind to appreciate them. I most certainly don't have the patience to go around looking for them. It's especially annoying since I made it clear not to leave eggs in my town when you enter it. Sleep-Eazy Motel = Game Over, Move Along.
  • GetStephen
    51 posts
    edited May 2013
    There are two much better ways to notify your friends not to leave eggs in your town:

    1. Don't collect them. Leave them unwhacked. Those that leave the eggs should get the hint.

    2. Write "no more eggs" with bushes in an area where eggs are most commonly left in your town.

    It's just unlikely that your messages in this forum will reach the intended.

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