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The Invasion Before Christmas: Act 1 Walkthrough

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The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 1

Auto starts

Quest reward: Kang and Kodos

Kodos: Once again, our conquest of Earth during their Halloween has failed miserably.
Kang: They think so little of us they didn't even bother to include us in their televised special.
Kodos: Why do we always attack on Halloween, anyway? I hate that holiday. So creepy with all the spiders and ghosts.
Kang: Yes, perhaps the Earthlings would be more vulnerable on one of their other holidays. Columbus Day, maybe.
Kodos: If we're going to attack on that day, we better hurry. It may not be around for long.

Task: Place the Rigellian Christmas Spaceship
Task: Make Kang Investigate Other Holidays
Time: 6s
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 2

Kang starts

Kang: I have found the perfect holiday for us to conquer: Christmas.
Kang: It'll be the ideal time to distribute our Invado-Bots. First, we must disguise them as toys.
Kodos: What is the point of that, space-moron?
Kang: Because kids will take anything Santa gives them and like it!
Kang: Now, all we have to do is visit the North Pole and command Santa to do our bidding.

Task: Make Kang Assault Santa Claus
Time: 6s
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship
Task: Make Kodos Prepare for Santa Assimilation
Time: 6s
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship

Kang: Surrender, foolish elf! We have ray guns and space saucers.
Santa Claus: I can deliver presents to a billion children in one night and fit down any chimney.
Kang: He's too powerful! Flee!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 3

Kang starts

Kodos: Kang, your plan to use Santa and his workshop was a total disaster! Much like your last birthday present to me.
Kang: You said, “Surprise me”. And you were very surprised when I got you nothing.
Kang: If we cannot control Santa, we will just have to pretend to be Santa.
Kang: And hand out our Invado-Bots disguised as an adorable animatronic toy.
Kodos: Right. The humans will just accept something from an octopus just because it's wearing a red hat.
Kang: No, because it's free, and Earthlings are cheap.

Task: Make Kang Re-Program Funzos
Time: 6s
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship
Task: Unlock Santa Kang
Task: Make Kids Feel Something Amiss
Time: 6s
Location: Brown House

Kang: Phase one of operation Rule Yule is complete. Time to take a break and have some fun.
Duffman: That's why you invited me! Because there's nothing more fun than partying with Duffman.
Kang: No, there's nothing more fun than vaporizing Duffmen. Zap!

Quest reward: 400 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 4

Kang starts

Santa Kang: Ho, ho, ho, larval human, the holidays have come early. Please enjoy this toy, which is in no way a sinister plant.
Bart: Less yakkin' more unpackin', squid-breath.
Lisa: I don't trust this so-called “Santa”. Why is he handing out expensive devices for nothing? And why is his beard slick with drool?
Bart: What's not to trust? This is America, land of the free lunch.
Santa Kang: Yes, fear not, meddlesome hatchling! I am here in this joyous season to destroy your planet...with love.

Task: Make Santa Kang Assimilate Into Winter Holidays
Time: 6s
Task: Make Lisa Attempt to Warn Bart
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson Home
Task: Make Bart Ignore Lisa's Concerns
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson Home
Task: Make Springfielders Get Their Robo-Funzos [x10]
Time: 6s
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 5

Lisa starts

Lisa: Remember last Christmas you got that science kit, Bart?
Bart: I remember throwing it in the trash on Christmas afternoon.
Lisa: Well, I salvaged it. And I've used it to analyze your Robo-Funzo. Your “toy” contains a laser weapon, and a countdown timer labeled “days until beginning conquest of Earth”.
Bart: Oh, my God! And the Robo-Funzos are everywhere. We have to destroy them!
Bart: After I play with them some more. Funzo! Funzo! Funzo!

Task: Make Lisa Prepare to Battle to Save Humanity
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson Home
Task: Make Bart Play With His Robo-Funzo
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson Home
Task: Tap Robo-Funzos [x10]
Quest reward: $100 and 20 Magical 4x4's

The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 6

Lisa starts

Lisa: I can't get anyone to take the Robo-Funzo threat seriously. Our town is doomed!
Jesus Christ: I help those who help themselves.
Bart and Lisa: Jesus Christ?! You're real?!
Lisa: Well, we're living in a town reconstituted after my dad blew it up with a nuclear blast. I guess anything is possible.
Bart: Okay, big guy. Smite the aliens with your blasto-powers.
Jesus Christ: Oh, I'll be doing something just as important.

Task: Place Jesus' Carpentry Shop
Task: Craft the Candy Cane Fencing in Jesus' Shop
Task: Tap Robo-Funzos [x10]

Lisa: Jesus, why won't you destroy the Robo-Funzos? There's more and more of them.
Jesus Christ: That is your task. I am the Prince of Peace.
Bart: Looking at the tags on this furniture, I'd also say you're the “Prince of High Prices”.
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 7

Lisa starts

Lisa: I think the Robo-Funzos might know we're onto their scheme, Bart. They're activating weapons and marching toward us.
Lisa: If I live, it'll make a great college application essay.
Professor Frink: I've something that may help, ahoyvin. I call it the Re-Gifting Machine! It uses electromagnetic pulses to over-load the Robo-Funzos' circuitry.
Professor Frink: After which you can re-gift the non-functional Funzos or toss them in church toy drives for under-privileged Shelbyvillians.

Task: Place the Re-Gifting Machine
Task: Use the Re-Gifting Machine to Blast Robo-Funzos
Task: Have Lisa Think of the Shelbyville Children
Time: 60m
Location: Simpson Home
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 8

Lisa starts

Professor Frink: It looks like the Re-Gifting Machine is a rousing scientific success! With the prize nominations and the university tenuuurrre!
Bart: That's great. Now, if we can just find something else for Lisa to worry about.
Lisa: We have to help the other Springfields. Robo-Funzos have started taking over their towns, too!
Bart: And there you have it.

Task: Tap Robo-Funzos in a Friend's Town
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Invasion Is Snow Joke Pt. 9

Lisa starts

Lisa: We did it! The Robo-Funzos are thinning out!
Bart: I can't believe we managed to wrap everything up in one act. Usually it takes three!
Lisa: Well, now that you've said that, I did notice a suspicious new construction site.
Bart: What's so suspicious?
Lisa: The sign on the construction fence says: “Coming Soon: New Brick and Mortar Bookstore”.
Bart: Alien invasion site or bookstore, they're both equally terrible.

Task: Make Bart Hate Reading
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson Home
Task: Make Lisa Regret Saving Bart
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson Home
Task: Make Santa Kang Discover Robo-Funzo Bodies
Time: 8h
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship
Task: Place Rigellian Construction Site

Santa Kang: My beautiful toys, all destroyed. I was just trying to bring a little joy to the planet I plan to subjugate.
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Stop moping. This holiday is saccharine enough as it is.
System Message: The Act 1 story is done. Keep expanding your North Pole and destroying Robo-Funzos. Act 2 starts soon.

Quest reward: $500 and 50 XP

More Presents

Auto starts

Task: Collect Rigellian Batteries [x5000]
Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts, $100 and 10 XP

‘Twas the Night Before Scratch-Mas

Auto starts

Homer: The kids are all getting presents from Santa, but he never brings me anything.
Apu: If you are looking to get something for nothing in this festive season, try my new holiday Scratch-R for a mere $4.99.
Apu: If you believe in Santa, maybe you'll believe it's a good use of your money.
System Message: Apu is getting into the spirit of the season with a new Holiday Scratch-R. Take advantage of his generosity while you can!

Task: Check Out Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-R's
Note: Just open the Kwik-E-Mart screen and it'll be done.
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