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What will happen to characters on snake quests....

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I feel like they will just quit the jobs if they are snake related. Who knows though


  • SuperMario643000
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    They will pay out a certain amont of money.
  • FargeSimpson
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    It will be the same as christmas,Ned was on his snowmobile for santa coins the next day he gave out cash.
    Wille,Milhouse and Cletus' quests will turn into a normal 12h cash reward (420 cash and 100XP)
    Ned,Homer and Apu's quests will turn to a 24h reward (600 cash 150XP)
    Lisa's quest will turn into a 5h reward (200 cash 50XP)
  • Donna4612
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    Thanks. Good to know that I won't lose the XP.
  • chrisp530
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    The tasks won't be there when Whacking Day is over. Any task that appears at the top of the list during an event is a limited time task. Ned's Mapple store task during Christmas was different then his snowmobile quest. The snowmobile quest disappeared after the Christmas event but he can still browse Mapple. During the Pattys day update, I had homer on his 12 hr promote the bar quest, and when the update ended, homer didnt finish his task, he was just wandering around and I got no cash or XP . Therefore, I would not put any characters on snake tasks at any time on May 9th, because if the update comes before they finish the task, you won't get any thing from it.
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