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THANK YOU EA for a perfect event

A Christmas event that's Christmasy? With a pinch of Halloween? Perfect.

Loads of new content that's fun and beautiful? Perfect.

Loads of returning content that many players have been begging for for ages? Perfect.

Two acts instead of three? Perfect.

A much easier time achieving Act prizes compared to the last event. AND it involves blowing up robots?!! Perfect.

No more 4-hour grind that monopolizes all our main characters' time? PERFECT. (Even if this returns in Act 2, it's been a great treat for Act 1. I've loved sending Santa Homer on his 24-hour flying task -- which is so magical in the snow -- or the entire Simpson family caroling in the Snow Globe without needing them for a mandatory event task.)

Face it, EA has listened to our complaints over the years and delivered a solid, really lovely event here. Anyone is entitled to disagree. But I say bravo!


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