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PLEASE HELP. I got a warning message I need help with

Here's the reposted image:

This really shouldn't be a problem. This message can show up sometimes at random, and especially if you deleted and reinstalled the game (which by the way will not delete your town- I know that first hand). I got that message when I had to reinstall the game ( on my iPod which is also the only device I play it on) and hit "Play Now" and found that no progress was lost at all.

Pressing Play Now (or OK) will not delete or restart your town. This is because that message basically means the progress you made in your last session may not have been saved, but it still has an instance of your town. The worst it can do is possibly not remember your last one or two actions, or at worst anything you did in your last session. Your level, snakes, items... is perfectly safe- the only thing you should have to worry about is if you bought donuts in your last session- if those donuts are gone, contact EA to either get those donuts back or request a refund.


  • Canyoneerroo
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    Works fine. Thanks for the assistance! Just didn't want to press play now and have it reset me. Uninstalled and reinstalled and its back to normal - 120 snakes and some cash. Could have been worse :)
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