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Congrats on (EA) for putting these cool things in the prize track for unlockable items. Either earned with main prize track currency or secondary.

You’re magic wood pieces will surely go far.

Frozen B0B0 in Ice cubes for water or river areas. Or on land that rests on ice patches.

Also the battery & energizer Rabbit pal-spoof duo. Shown in a Christmas scene.

May be small and obscure but definitely more cool then the two Christmas lamp posts they were going to go with but thought better about.

Also the pink posibot. It was after all a present for Christmas to Lisa so it could be released dur8ng Halloween or Christmas.

3] All The Posibots would be a plus.

Gary Coleman since he was in an episode involving Christmas.
4] What U doin Homer.

Sadly they decided to go with these.

Maybe Disney will listen to Fans.
Ok So what other Christmas things could we add I haven’t thought of. Also maybe Bart’s burn down the tree with fire truck scene.

Maybe it’s a task that comes with the tree and presents underneath with the fire truck. It can be on a display stand and the fire truck also when not on stand just goes around town spraying fire here and there. Or something.

Doesn’t exactly have to stick straight to the script. I mean if it is cool and funny and it works and it could have been a thing. Why not. That’s what keeps games fresh.

End note: If the posibots are there then I would like to see a return if not. Better late then never.
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