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Winter Wonderland Mystery Box

I can't find any info on this. I don't have it. Possibly I already have all the items? Could someone please post what's in the boxes. Thank you.


  • Winter Wonderland Mystery Box - 22 possible items:
    NOTE: I got the Chocolate Shoppe for free when I was doing Dia-Betty's quest line (I got her from the recent character mystery box) - complete part 5 of her quest line.

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  • Thank you. I have all the items so no mystery boxes for me. I was saving my donuts to open boxes. Guess I'll have to wait for the next batch.
  • Does this mean Festivus CBG is now a premium skin?
  • Yes, Festivus CBG was made premium last year I believe
  • daved7637397
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    I just got him recently, and I also just checked in my game, and Festivus CBG is NOT premium.
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  • Does this mean Festivus CBG is now a premium skin?

    Just checked, he’s definitely not. The only premium skin I have for him is Kung **** CBG.
  • I blew all my donuts on Black Friday so now I’ve been KEM farming and buying one every 50 donuts...yet every time I just keep getting the crap I don’t want! Now there’s like 6 things left and I want 5 of them but I don’t think I have enough time/cash to KEM farm enough to get everything.
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