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Would Have Been Nice

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For the premium characters we bought. It would have been nice if some of them earned wrapping paper. Like Jesus. 200 donuts and he couldn’t turn wood into wrapping paper. Really? I mean I like ice but when I really want a house instead of free tile squares or ice which second to the house I’m kinda bummed when a 200 donut character doesn’t pull their weight around the holiday event. If they added that ability for the event that would be awesome. If he does give wrapping paper then I’ll gladly change this but I doh t it as the rest don’t and if this was the case why would there be wrapping paper bundles. Oh well it is what it is. Merry x mass and other holiday cheer.
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  • Are you calling Jesus lazy?
    Here have a banana!!
  • If the sandal fits.
  • Why wrapping paper? Don't you mean magical 2x4s?
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  • rw228
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    It would be nice if the premium characters earned event or crafting currency the entire time. Not just a short window near the very end.
  • Well magical 2x4s would be preferable but let’s be realistic EA would do wrapping paper. But maybe they would do 2x4s but since not everyone will tape 100% accurate while playing the shooter. Every 3 or 2 2x4s you don’t get towards max amount makes EA more scratch. But yes it would be good.

    Also would be cool to have elf alien tubes as a secret prize. But ea isn’t that creative. Trust me they aren’t.
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