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  • I'm afraid that they just sit unanimated in my Springfield as it's just way to much effort to keep moving building around just to animate them, the only building that I ever did that for was the Bad Dream house and I only did that for Halloween.

    Homer has a permanent 8 hour job to sleep in the bad dream house, which will makes the lights flash.

    Thanks for the heads up it was good of you to say, but I already knew how to animate it these days, I was just using that as an example and that I only made the effort with that particular building of moving it around to activate it as I love the animation but can't be bothered to move other buildings around just to animate them if you follow what I'm saying as sometimes I'm not that good at getting what I mean down in words on a page.
  • simp7fan wrote: »
    JJR2112 wrote: »
    I keep wishing they would offer us some way to permanently animate selected buildings like a skin (animation tokens?). There are many I would love to have going 24-7. I’d happily pay doughnuts for it.

    I'd pay for a simple tap on/ tap off to animate a building like we can with many building already.

    I too would happily pay extra for this!
    Also I did find today that Wise Guy does have a 10 hour clerk shift at Krusty’s Kristmas On Ice.
    That shift is at the nearest building to him. It's how he works.
    Thank you and I’m aware of this that’s why I pointed out that he would work there. He doesn’t work all the buildings for example the Springfield Animal Shelter or Helter Shelter so you cannot always rely on him to work there. Plus to me it’s ridiculous to have to finagle him around town to get him to work a specific building of your choosing while a hundred other characters could also be utilizing this system.

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