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Question About Level 28

Once you reach max level which is currently level 28, you can keep gaining bonus levels thus earning you 1-3 donuts each bonus level.

The next content update should drop next week I would assume


  • KMEO
    124 posts
    edited May 2013
    That's cool! Easy way of gaining donuts without having to shell out any money. :)

    Also, new content would be nice. I'm looking forward to them adding an option to change certain grass color, dirt paths, etc. because sometimes, things just don't look "natural." In addition, I hope they expand the borders! Just seems like Sim City all over again. X)
  • Burnin_TODI
    1552 posts
    edited May 2013
    Weather stations, or windsocks currently give the best cost to xp ratio for getting bonus quickly....
  • Deadshot_DCU
    6416 posts Moderator
    edited May 2013
    There's a Squidport update that will expand to the water area. Thus giving us new land in the boardwalk. It will bring new characters like Captain McCallister, Ranier Wolfcastle, Handsome Pete, etc.... New Buildings like Malaria Zone, Planet Hype, The Frying Dutchman, Itchy & Scratchy Store, etc... & new decorations.
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