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22 short films about Springfield, The event.

Its THAT time of the year.... again. An event is about to end and the speculation about what's next is on the forum.

We all agree that the event mechanics are starting to get boring... and that's how I came with an idea for a minievent that could be on side of any major event (kind of like the tunnel for the monorail). What about something around "22 short films about Springfield" that last 22 days? Every day you'll get an item/skin/deco/task related with their respective short film. Maybe you'll have to earn them with some kind of task involving milhouse and bart spitting on cars or something.

There are a lot of items they could use:
The bridge, that tall guy and his car, tasks for Wiggum and snake fighting on the floor, Lisa with bubblegum on the head, Bumblebee Ma's House and his wife....

It's just an idea... I'm bored, don't judge me.


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