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EA Please Read!Game crashes when I get to my town

Hi EA, that's if you are reading this, <snip>

Sorry, but they are not going to read this or any other post. EA does not monitor this forum.


  • Jbennett4624
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    edited October 2012
    Hi EA, that's if you are reading this, when I click to continue, then wait for it to load, as soon it gets to my town, and all I can see are faint shades of my buildings, my game exits, this happens on all my devises and is very frustrating, so if more people have this problem, which there are many, I would like to see some updates fixing this bug, or just fix the server!

    I am level 22 Springfield, I've been playing since the release date(February 29), I've changed accounts 4 times because my towns keep getting wrecked by whatever it is, mostlikely the server, I have all items, most of the premium, and I would like the ability to play it.

    I hope you fix it, Thank you :(

    some data in the save file is jacked up.. needs fixing or you need to redo from level 1
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