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Make-An-Event Thread Discussion and Waffle Emporium

P.S. we are out of waffles.

I've been kinda busy, new job, new stuff, stuff I don't want to talk about, thing is I haven't been on the forums like I used to.

We do tend to criticize EAs events (with reason) yet whenever we do "suggest" content it tends to be in a list form with no discernible gameplay or plot behind it.

Mah suggestion?
Let's make an event! Or events, alotta cooties/people have good ideas let's toss around the ideas and see what we come up with. Let's show EA how it's done!

Or this thread can de-evolve into a thread about gifs I don't know.

I won't provide a template because most people have a general idea of how they work, but I'll cook something up just in case it's needed.

P.P.S. (hehe I said peepee) I know we have two "events" (tie in and mini) but it's just something to think and discuss about.


  • Inspired by Deadshot and the general idea of a school event, here you go. Also I'm going to bed.

    School Mini-Event
    (Summer, Spring Break, etc it can be whatever)

    Principal Skinner starts

    Skinner: Due to the damages caused to the school and the unforseen "misplacement" of school funds, Springfield Elementary will be closed until further notice.
    Lisa: How did the school funds get misplaced?
    Skinner: It seems the check was sent to a students address instead of the school's.
    Lisa: Did you have anything to do with it Bart?
    Bart: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't you don't have any proof.

    Task: Make Lisa search for proof
    Time: 6 Secs
    Location: Simpsons House
    Task: Make Bart act nonchalantly
    Time: 6 Secs
    Location: Simpsons House

    Skinner starts

    Skinner: Did you find anything Lisa?
    Lisa: Just plans to redecorate the family car, but nothing that incriminates him.
    Homer: But I just added a new paint job on my car!
    Lisa: I wasn't talking about that car...
    Skinner: Well that solves that, I guess I'll go back to modeling for paintings.
    Skinner: The real world will be your teacher kids, the pavement your desks, and the street lights the class pet.
    Lisa: Don't worry I'll figure out a plan to save the school.
    Bart: And I'll go back to hucking dirt wads at cars.

    Task: Make Lisa Devise a plan
    Time: 60 Mins
    Location: Simpsons House
    Task: Make Bart Huck dirt at Cars
    Time: 60 Mins
    Location: Brown House

    Reward: "Decorated" Station Wagon

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Principal Skinner I figured out the answer!
    Skinner: When we're not in school I'm just Mr. Skinner, Lisa.
    Lisa: Okay, Mr. Skinner I figured out the answer.
    Skinner: That's Principal Skinner to you Lisa.
    Lisa: .... Fine I figured out the answer, Armin Tamzarian.
    Skinner: Mr. Skinner will be fine.
    Lisa: We'll raise the money with a car wash.
    With no competitors you'll make the money in no time.
    Skinner: No bake sales? No school play?
    Lisa: You've multiple bakeries and several streaming companies, this is your best shot.
    Lisa: You only have two types of weather in Springfield nowadays, Sunny or Snowing.
    With no rain, everyone's car is sure to get dirty, we just need a way to speed it up.
    Bart: leave that to me and my friends dirt and dirt.
    Lisa: You could've said "clod".
    Bart: You're a clod.

    Task: Make Skinner find locations for washing Cars
    Time: 4 Hrs
    Location: Brown House
    Task: Make Bart dirty up Chalmers _onda
    Time: 4 Hrs
    Location: Chalmers _onda

    Skinner starts

    Skinner: I finally found a venue that fits within our price range.
    Reverend Lovejoy: So my daughter's record will be taken "care of"?
    Skinner: What record?
    Reverend Lovejoy: Perfect. The hose is in the back and spare buckets should be next to the old organ. Our previous organ player used the as spit buckets, nothing a spit shine won't clean.
    Helen Lovejoy: Won't somebody think of the chi-
    Reverend Lovejoy: He already took care of our daughters record.
    Skinner: I think I should have milked that favor a bit further.
    Lisa: Now all we need is to drum up some business, did you mess up any cars Bart?
    Bart: Sure I did, here comes one of them now.
    Chalmers: SKINNER!
    Skinner: ....
    Chalmers: I'd like a thorough wash and a coat of wax, I need my car for a date tonight.
    Skinner: Right away!

    Task: Make Skinner wash a car
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: First Church of Springfield

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: We need more cars if we hope to hit our mark, Bart can't you speed things up a bit?
    Bart: Hey Lis, I'm only one kid, if we're going to do this I'll need to round up some kids, and you'll have to give us some kind of incentive Skinner.
    Skinner: Fine, I'll give those involved full immunity for the rest of the year.
    Lisa: Won't that just cause the school to become further damaged?
    Skinner: That's a risk we'll have to take.
    Lisa: Hey what incentive am I getting?
    Skinner: I was hoping you'd do it for the school and for your friends , never mind name your price.
    Lisa: Extra credit based on Domestic Gross of this financial endeavor.

    Task: Make Bart round up kids
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: Brown House
    Task: Make Skinner work on incentive plan
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: Skinner's house

    Reward: Wendell Borton and Lewis Clark


    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Well how far have we gotten with the funds, principal Skinner?
    Homer: Yeah you need to get these kids out of my house, they're eating me out of food and home.
    Lisa: Dad it's only been 3 hours.
    Skinner: Oh no Lisa, we've decided to quit the education game.
    Skinner: This job provides an hourly income far exceeding a teacher or principals salary.
    Hoover: Besides this is a great way to meet men that own a car.
    Lisa: Oh no, what am I going to do without the adulation of teachers I mildly respect?
    Moe: Err um, how much for one of them "Special Car washes" that I hear so much about?
    Largo: Depends on what you're looking for...
    Moe: Not you, aren't there any broads around?
    Hoover: Sir! We don't provide those kinds of services here! (Whispers) *meet me out back*

    Task: Make Skinner wax cars
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: First Church of Springfield
    Task: Make teachers provide special car washes
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: Springfield Elementary

    Lisa: I need to think of a plan that will fix this, and return me into the intellectual hierarchy.
    Moe: That wasn't the kinda car wash I had in mind.
    Largo: No refunds!
    Moe: That's the last time I take a tip from Waylon Smithers.

    Task: Make Lisa come up with a plan
    Time: 4 hours
    Location: Simpsons House
    Task: Make teachers wash cars
    Time: 4 hours
    Location: First Church of Springfield


    Bart starts

    Bart: Where did that come from?
    Lisa: Simple economics Bart if one business grows another will rise to beat it. Also I posted off the success of this business on SpringFace
    Homer: Ooh it has that New Carwash Smell Smell.
    Lisa: Dad your holding an employees shirt.
    Skinner: What? We can't compete with an atmosphere, hard work or centralized location.
    Skinner: And we can't pay the mob any more, they already keep 15%
    Lisa: Why don't you let Wiggum know?
    Skinner: If he finds out that he'll want more than the 5% cut he's getting.
    Bart: Lisa your ruining a good thing for everyone, bit I'll put a stop to this.

    Task: Make teachers offer discount carwashes
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: First Church of Springfield
    Task: Make Bart tip off his connection
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: Brown House

    Bart starts

    Bart: So that's everything Fat Tony, Lisa helped some corporate stooges come in and muscle in on your business.
    Fat Tony: We thank you for the tip, but we already know, they have agree to pay 20% and wash my car weekly. I enjoy their Pine scent finish.
    Lisa: So it was you Bart! You had the mafia take the schools funding so you could skip school.
    Lisa: Once I let everyone know, I'll be able to open up the school again, and everyone will know, especially Michael!
    Bart: No not school.
    Fat Tony: I had just rebuilt my relationship with my estranged son, Michael. Do not worry my young friend, if there's one thing I know it's how to "take care" of this.

    Task: Make Fat Tony bribe Lisa with a Malibu Stacy
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: Simpsons House
    Task: Make Lisa Reject the bribe
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: Simpsons House

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Principal Skinner, I found out who was behind all of this, they've been using connections with organized crime families to cause all this!
    Skinner: well once we get to the bottom of this we'll make sure to expel that student.
    Skinner: As well as remove any extra credit held by their relatives. So Lisa who was this perpetrator?
    Lisa: Umm Hubert Wong!
    Wiggum: Hey Skinner I've been meaning to talk to you.
    Skinner: (gasp) He knows I'm underpaying him!
    Wiggum: we received this from the school district, we thought it was Ralphies report card so didn't open it.
    Skinner: Why the school funds are all here, and Lisa has also gotten to the bottom of this. It was caused by a student and a local criminal organization...
    Fat Tony: You have my thanks Lisa, if it wasn't for you we would have never learned that Hubert Wong was related to members of the Springfield Yakuza, our local shops will be free from their terror and able to accept our familiar brand of Terror.
    Fat Tony: However we did over hear your book keeping abilities from Skinner, care to work for our organization? We shall provide proper payment.

    Task: Make Lisa Book keep for Malibu Stacy's
    Time: 4 Hours
    Location: Brown House


    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Well I hope you learned your lesson Bart, you might have gotten cancelled school for a while, but as long as I'm here it'll never be closed.
    Bart: Yeah but I still got my cut out of it. I was paid by Skinner and Fat Tony, I also got to mess up cars.
    Fat Tony: And here is the other part of our agreement, one motorized Pool vehicle as requested.
    Lisa: What? I only got extra credit and Malibu Stacy's! Well at least you can't use it, we both have to go to school.
    Bart: That's where your wrong Lis, my second payment was "Educational Immunology", so I don't have to show up to class and I won't get into trouble, Smell ya later!
    Lisa: I should've asked for more *grumbles*

    Add to it, criticize it, modify it, make your own, just add to the conversation and discuss!
  • Good idea :+1:

    This should be in game discussion
  • There was a forum member doing something very similar to this about one or two years ago. He wrote these incredibly long and detailed posts outlining proposed event content and dialog (way too long for me to read). I can’t recall the thread title or user name, but I think they were posted to OT. Wonder what happened to that guy...
  • There was a forum member doing something very similar to this about one or two years ago. He wrote these incredibly long and detailed posts outlining proposed event content and dialog (way too long for me to read). I can’t recall the thread title or user name, but I think they were posted to OT. Wonder what happened to that guy...

    I have no idea the person was before my time on here.
  • someonewashere
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    edited January 2018
    And yet the only discussion is about some other discussion.

    I do not know what's up with you guys or Gene.

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