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Concert Thread.2

Ok, I tried this before and wasn't here to keep ongoing.....

This is for sharing Favorite Concerts you have been to, Concerts you are looking forward to, Tell us your concert/live music stories.

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-Colbie Caillat
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  • I, am going to Marilyn Manson for the 14th time this month.
    Next month my favorite local band Devotchka has the annual Valentine's show, and my daughter is going to Tyler the Creator, courtesy of Xmas

    Anyone else have any good shows lately? Upcoming?
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • Anything death metal related in Montreal or upstate NY is where I'll be.

    I have friends going to Cradle of Filth when they are here in a couple months
    I went last time- good show, opener band was nothing but load, but other than that it was Excellent
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  • fastshadow2
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    it would have been kid rock opening for areosmith. kid rock was better but steven came down an elevated catwalk to the lawn area that we got next to before concert began and did dream on and a couple others. probably the closest to a celeb i have ever been to. kid rock put on a better stage show though and the energy was crazy
    some of my favorites have been greatful dead concerts though, went to jerrys last concert at soldier field (chicago)
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  • So, I lost my ID days before Manson, and could not attend- SO Disappointed!!!!!! :'(

    Taking my daughter to Tyler the Creator tonight, hopefully She gets to enjoy her Xmas present!

    In make up for my Manson issue- bought myself a ticket to Jack White on presale- LOVE HIM!!!
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