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Anyone having problems with loading into their town?

Mine is stuck at synchronizing.


  • Mine seems to working fine...
  • Mine stucked on sync too.
  • Mine is stuck too
  • Yep, had that problem last night on Kindle Fire. Had to delete the App and download it again. Took a long time - almost an hour to complete but everything was in place, working and correct once I did the download. :D
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  • Rich0913
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    edited January 2018
    Not mine, but have 2 neighboring towns that after doing my taps it abruptly closes the game. When I restart the neighboring towns taps are back.
  • wadebear
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    When this happens to me (which is way too often)...
    Close the game, pull up the app manager and swipe the game away, open Settings, turn off wifi, wait 15 seconds, turn on wifi, start game.
    Sometimes I have to go further, completely turning off the device and even restarting my home network.
  • wow but thanks for the help
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