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I am so lost....

Try not being a house farmer


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    Totally know what you mean. That was my strategy for awhile too. Despite what house farm haters will say, I thought it made the game more fun while constantly making money and having things to tap on every 5mins. My farms are all gone now though...
  • JaredEgan
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    I know that they ruin the look of a town, but it is very satisfying to see all those dollar signs hovering.
    more satisfying to cash them all in ;)

    I weaned myself off the farming by only having enough houses to give me €10000 at a time.
    So as my bonus went up, I am getting rid of houses.

    Once i get the Magnifying Glass I'll store them and use up that land :)

    I know many people have the patience to not use house farms to get these big pricey buildings, but I don't ;)

    I would be interested to know how long it takes to save up the €6m needed to buy the prizes without house farming?
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