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Tsto Bot

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edited January 2018
I had to wait a while during work so i used my spare time to build a Twitter bot.

His name is @tsto_bot and first he just retwteeted every tweet related to tsto or Tapped Out. However, that was extremely boring.

So now i updated him to reply with "Have you tried nuking, [username]?" to people mentioning TSTO. I set it to reply every 5 minutes or so cuz Twitter will kick me off when i let him reply too much. And i have to mannualy turn him on, so he doesn't tweet when i'm not at my pc basically.

I will update him some more, so that he replies even when i'm not there and he now replies to himself. :P

Maybe give him some more replies?

Any ideas? You can check him out on twitter, his handle is @tsto_bot


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