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Possible solutions for re-downloading (APPLE devices) + troubleshooting tips



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  • I find this issue so frustrating at a technical level as well as the eventual fault blaming of iOS or saying it is "lying" about space.

    iOS is behaving exactly as it is documented to do. Free space does not include caches because those are supposed to be only for data that is easily replaced/regenerated without impacting user experience. Free space is telling the user how much more "real" data can be added to the device, which seems like the more meaningful value for most purposes as users usually do not directly control or are even aware of caches.

    EA could fix this easily by not storing the *required* game assets as purgeable. Then iOs would display the total usage as included in the 1.1MB "Documents and Data" which is so atrociously misleading for this game.

    No game should "require" the ridiculous amount of "free space" as this one. The trouble is completely due to the misrepresentation of the data required by the app. There are plenty of iOs games that download large amounts of assets without this issue... because they don't mark required data as purgeable.

    While early on when there were only a few MB of downloaded assets for the game, having it purgeable may have been justifiable. But games that reach the multi-hundred MB or GB levels should not be doing this.

    Do not make a game such that it requires a nebulous amount of free space by advertising needed assets as purgeable.
    By simply storing the assets in the Doc&Data category, features like offloading unused apps would work and not fight the game. It also gives users explicit control of if and when they want to delete that data as well as properly informs them of the true footprint of the game.
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    Who effing cares? People just want to know what to do to get on with playing.
    And it is an IOS issue as you can see many post of space issues over the years. and not just with this game
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