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can't connect - a possible solution

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The trick seems to be triggering the "your other device" warning, either by using a different platform or deleting game data and redoing all the updates and login etc, then making a point of visiting friends towns or krustyland and back to sync the game data with the servers.

Make sure to sync before any gameplay or it may lock you out again before you have a chance, and sync again after to save your game, just in case.

I had the issue for a couple of hours on friday, firstly giving up after a retry or two, up to trying for over a quarter of an hour then giving up and searching server status and posting is it just me elsewhere.

Responses saying they had no troubles prompted me to try on bluestacks, which worked fine and after clearing my town and sorting tasks I did the trip to friends towns and back purely to sync and save my game data then tried again on my android tablet without any problem.

I've only seen the Bart screen of death once since, and the first retry worked.

If this helps, post a me too, or expand if you have any further suggestions as to quite what works and why.

Good luck, and happy tapping
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  • Have been doing this and have locked back up again. Crap
  • I've linked to / discussed this elsewhere and people are having luck after trying, I hope you do too.
    You'll often find me on Brooders tapped-out.co.uk
  • this worked for me ! (: thankyou
  • The first time i did this i tapped on the friends buildings and it didn't work for me, i tried a second time tapping on nothing and it worked (:
  • worked for me aswell :) can continue to do rail yard :D
  • This method actually helped many people get back in the game back in the Great TSTO Harpies Lockout of 2012. :) I was also having issues this Friday ,used this tactic and had no probs after that. This may be a sever issue, but it is a “selective server issue”, as not everyone in the affected areas are experiencing problems. Anything people can do try to get the servers to like them again is a good idea. Or we could just wait for EA to fix things ( and good luck with that). Glad to see people are still passing on helpful info like this.
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    A footnote:
    This issue is affecting some users across a variety of devices in many areas so there does't seem to be a common link.
    If this works for you and you get locked out again it may just be that you've been unlucky and the random glitch has struck again.
    In that case it's worth another go, even if it only lets you get in a few rounds, until a permanent solution can be found and applied by the EA team.
    Once again, good luck.

    Also thanks to MoopsDude for the affirmation and thanks. Thought I was going crazy having found something that worked but it took a while and several conversations to understand quite how and why to make it worth sharing.
    You'll often find me on Brooders tapped-out.co.uk
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