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Wine and Death Metal...

so to start this new year off apparently I went in the complete opposite of myself... It started off with a bottle of wine...(yes I surprised my bartender when I ordered a glass of wine and not a beer) but she loves wine so she was excited about it.... So I have been trying out new wines, im more of a white wine kind of person but eventually ill venture and try the darks... But as I have been sipping on my wine, I have been putting on Death Metal...and its actually been really relaxing for me plus its been a great bonding experience with my husband. SO... with that... since im experimenting on both, im open for suggestions on both.
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    The cellar once belonged to a 19th-century politician and businessman called Don Melchor, a canny man who invented the tale that the devil lived there to discourage thieves after some of his wine went missing.
    Hence the devil on the bottle.
    It's pretty decent and kind of goes with the music.


  • I saw that somewhere!! ill have to check it out then!!! Thanks LC!!!
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  • They do a white too- but red is more metal!

  • yeah I know!! maybe get a bottle of each just for the fun of it!! ;)
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  • It depends on your definition of Death Metal....

    I just listened to this last night:

    It's not "pure" but the operatic parts sound like they'd go well with your wine.
    My recommendation is based on my binges. Did you want the lyrics to be about death?

    But truth be told I never got into wine. I like good flavors while the drink kicks my ass. It definitely does the ass kicking part well....

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  • I do actually like Lamb of God, and no the lyrics doesn't have to be about death. Hes got 20+ years on me when it comes to death metal, but we have been discovering bands together which has been really awesome!! Wolfheart and Cache Angdren (*spelling) and another band Antherian once again I think im getting the spelling wrong... have all been great and some of them the lyrics just seem like poems... im loving the lyric videos lol they help a lot with the appreciation of it!
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  • It sounds like you're pretty open about it. I've heard a Lamb of God song here or there (even saw them in concert (but wasn't familiar with any songs))....but I don't know the level of growl they do. That's what I think of as the biggest barrier to enjoying music on this side of the tracks (pun intended).

    Are you good with songs with 100% growl lyrics? Or are you more going for a dark mood?

    I don't have any answers.... lol. Just curious.
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  • im open about it all!! a lot of the music is 100% Growl that we have been listening to but then there is also the operatic That I absolutely LOVE too so its just been something that apparently I just dived in head first lol OH and the women.... there are so many of them with the 100% Growl and its women doing it but you cant even tell its a woman!! Those have been awesome to watch as well...I don't know I might actually go to a metal festival with the hubby this year... maybe... I do have an ear problem... but I know he wants me to go now that I have been listening to it all...
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  • Already listening to Evanescence, I presume....
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  • RMVancleav710
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    im really not a fan of her actually.... no ummm... let me look some up.... Abnormality is the name of them the song to check out is Cymatic Hallucinations....
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    Metal centers me. Wine and metal? Ill try it yo.
  • Oh, you're that far gone. ;)

    I prefer the vocal to have more dynamics, including non-growl. But this one in the spoiler is one of my favorite songs.

    Warning, some images in the video may be disturbing.
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  • yeah I like that!!! Oh yeah Evanescence isn't metal to me...
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  • Metal centers me. Wine and metal? Ill try it yo.

    you should totally wine and metal it, Z!!!
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  • johncolombo
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    Your mileage may vary but I always liked my whites from France and my reds from California. There were very few chardonnays I liked, too oaky for me. I liked crisper cleaner whites. While I'm not a big metal head I was listening to the Runaways in the gym today, not the same I know but it's loud rebellious rock. I started out the year swapping all booze for tea having decided to go heathy again. Have fun discovering wine. There so much out there.
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  • the way im looking at it, im going to have to just go the way I did with beer, try them all and go from there....I could never get rid of my booze all together, but I have actually been drinking less... :/ not really something I wanted to do but meh...it is what it is...bills gotta get paid somehow....
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  • yeah I like that!!!
    Awesome. :)

    Oh yeah Evanescence isn't metal to me...
    D'oh! :(

    I think categories aren't blurry enough. Evanescence has dark lyrical themes, heavy instruments, but cleaner vocals (besides guest vocals and some short clips). I don't know why they're not metal....

    I'm not trying to make you a fan. I've enjoyed one album but I only catch other songs online. Which is also true for every artist.
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  • ive just never considered her metal... Rock, maybe progressive.... theres only been one song I really liked and that was Bring Me To Life with that other band....
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  • I'm more into whites...
    Love Moscato.... there is a red moscato made with cherries I found- delish!
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • All i drink are reds. Your best bet is to go to a wine tasting and try a bunch of different ones to find out what you like.

    Also for a funny metal song (video is funny also) is the metal version of "Cotton eye Joe" makes me laugh all the time. Also check out Halestorm. They are a metal/heavy rock band, really good. and if you want to listen to something interesting Jpop/Heavy Metal check out Babymetal.
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