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Homergeddon teaser!



  • simpsonare wrote: »
    Could pun nuclear war

    I believe that is solidly supported by the fact that it appears Homers bomb shelter is full of ice cream!

    We will probably get a bunch of characters that tread on the current crises surrounding Kim jung and Trump.

    I hope they include an escalator and a orange character with a toupe. I'm not all about politics in a game but I do believe there would be some real humor in it. The currency could be twitter related lol
  • If Homergeddon is about that, EA should bring back those Biohazard Walls & Towers since I never had the possibility to play that event. I need them back to place them on my big military compound that I created.

    I think people are reading too much into the title. I don't think this will be a doomsday-themed event. Just my two cents.

    The only reference in the show to the title is Homergeddon is the German title of Homer Goes to Prep School.
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  • meinaz
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    LFCMathis wrote: »
    LFCMathis wrote: »
    Wait, so not all of us got the Deep space Homer mini-event today?

    A lot of people have played through it already. It was first introduced into the game 2 years ago. It was recently brought back this fall as part of Tapped Out's "classic mini events" which brought back some old mini events for newer tappers to play.

    Ah thanks. But do you have space suit barney in the store? I got him with 130 donuts rebate. You get barney and the bowlarama as well.

    Yeah, I got that when it was offered to me back when I played the mini event.

    I really wish they re-released the items to everyone. I didn't get this the first time because I didn't have enough donuts and have no way to get it now. I don't want the events again but I am more than willing to spend some donuts now.
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