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Events from past episodes

Will EA ever have events from past episodes from the beginning of the series with the exception the ones we had before since the game began?. Since there are 29 seasons so far of the Simpsons will we be able to get every character (with the exception of deceased celebrities like the late Phil Hartman & maybe even Rodney Dangerfield)?


  • ZeBadmedic
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    edited January 2018
    Sure, we got for example the Chili Update, and the Event that will come at Tuesday will probably be a reference of the Episode where everyone tried to get in Homers Bunker
  • We should have no issues getting Larry Burns. The Hartman characters (Lionel Hutz, Troy McClure, Lyle Lanley, Evan Conover, Horst, Moses, Jimmy Apollo) these seem to be the holy grail.
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