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Rigellian Spaceship Ship/no animated character tasks

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Did anyone else notice the characters that interact wirh the Spaceship like Jesus, Shiva, Jack Frost etc now have no animation for their 4 hour ship interaction tasks? They just disappear into it and the ship hovers and spins for me. I was really digging the fact that they seemed to continue to fling halos or shoot ice at the ship, particularly since some of them were premium purchases. and now they only have one animated task. This stopped with the last mini in-game update. I loved Layla’s 8 hour task for Zen as she raked around town but then that became her 4 hour ship task and now it’s not even animated at all. Even if I send them to the ship for their 4 hour task the ship won’t land upon completion of said tasks. I have to store the ship the re-plop to make it land or even change it’s skin. Anyone else noticing this?


  • Yes!

    I enjoyed the multiple 4hours visual tasks options for the **** League until they vanished yesterday afternoon. I was hoping it's a temporary thing until the next update. I bought shiva for his shooting arrows task, and an extra visual task for Jesus.... and now... jezzzz....

    Moreover, I'm disappointed that the mini game of shooting fuzzy robots disappeared. Maybe it's too similar to the flying drones game... but still......

    It's a wonderful thing that we could send multiple characters to perform orchestrated visual tasks in one place that is left over from the event. I am disappointed that the visual tasks for the trolls and kids disappeared from fighting wizards burns. having the monsters to fight is far better than just having them wandering around town....

    Sorry, got into a tangent......
  • @ZeusZed
    I completely agree! I went to the trouble to search for the jobs for these premium characters (including their animations) before I dropped the cash for the donuts and bought every one of them. This disappearance of their listed tasks will make me very hesitant to spend $50 a pop to buy more. I realize some may think it foolish to be bothered by this but I don’t farm KEM’s like everyone and I spend way too much money on this game to not be frustrated by this move. Hopefully it is just a temporary glitch as their 4 hour tasks still work at the spaceship but without animations it’s basically pointless. Not to mention that the darned thing never lands when those tasks end. Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t just my game.
    I also agree about the trolls.
  • I have Frost, the Rabbi, and Buddha doing the 4 hour task right now, and all 3 are outside battling the space ship. The worst part is, it won't crash anymore. You can have it hover, or sit still, but it's not crashed for some reason.
  • Gary_A_D wrote: »
    I have Frost, the Rabbi, and Buddha doing the 4 hour task right now, and all 3 are outside battling the space ship. The worst part is, it won't crash anymore. You can have it hover, or sit still, but it's not crashed for some reason.
    Yours are outside battling? Mine just disappear with zero animation other than the ship spinning. And like you it won’t land. I have to store it and ignore it to get it to land and keep it on the ground. Once I store it and replop it I can then choose the skin.
  • I had all animated jobs for the league members until five days ago, after I stored the spaceship to cancel task for job reassignment . After I re place the space ship, all of the league members' tasks associate with the spaceship were gone, they became "non visual" task (without the running icon on the side). I tried to store and place again, nothing changes. They remain non visual tasks.

    The spaceship display is beyond my control. It stays afloat, spinning. Then I store it, place it, change skin, and can't switch back. It either remains crashed, and float and spin. I like it either way, just not when it's whole and sitting still....lol...

    None of the aliens' tasks were affected though. Theirs remain "visual", but not the league members.

    What I really want is that they would let us keep those cool outside animations after the events. Isn't that's how the game is build on, events and tasks? Honestly, I play for the visual tasks.

    Hope things would be different after this event. Back to catching ruffians....

  • I have the same problem. Stored the spaceship to get som characters free for a task and lost all the **** league outdoor tasks. Would love to get those back. Hope ea can fix this bug.
  • ZeusZed
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    I can send my league members to fight the spaceship again, as of, from 8may update!

    Thank you for fixing it!
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