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OK, I am ready to nuke

Any tips?
What does not get nuked that I can use as landmarks


  • spyder1952850
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    edited January 2018
    The mountains, the water, the Simpsons home, cockroachs, I think the Heights supply buildings, and ****.
  • mchannyc wrote: »
    Any tips?
    What does not get nuked that I can use as landmarks

    No tips as I could never hit the nuke button, I prefer to redesign one area at a time, what stays after hitting the button, The Simpsons home, some Springfield Heights buildings, any building that's currently needed/involved in an event , think that is about it but I might have missed an odd thing.
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  • Best thing to do is look at neighbours towns for inspiration. Think of where you want to place items. Do note that it will take awhile to complete your redesign. As for things that don’t get nuked is all the non sellable items.
  • meinaz
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    If you have areas you like, take screen shots. The more the better. I thought I had my whole town but realized that I had missed a few areas so I had to do everything by memory.
    The inventory is horrible so you will need to have a lot of time to rebuild. I preferred to work on an area and pull things out as I saw them in the inventory, then redecorate the area once I had everything out.
    The Simpson house, Krustyland station, and the buildings that payout for SH are the only buildings that will remain out if you want to use them for landmarks.
  • Have a plan first... draw it out, hit the NUKE button 4 times and have fun! The inventory is a nightmare that much is certain but I had so much fun redesigning I'd recommend it to everyone to try it at least once :)
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  • I'd suggest dividing the map into quarters using roads/tiles. This will help you start to divide up some smaller themed sections that you want and what side of town you want them on. Then you can just delete them later when they get in the way.
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