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People w/ Load Screen Crash Report In (Collecting Data)

Who is collecting this data? And what kind of moron would buy donuts when their iPhone is jailbroken?


  • Jbennett4624
    275 posts
    edited October 2012
    Device: Ipad 2 Ipad 3 Iphone 4s Iphone 5
    iOS version: 5.001 6.0
    Modem Firmware: Good question LOL
    Jailbreak?: Hell yeah, All of them are since day 1
    When did error start: on and off since Halloween Update
    Could you visit friends before error? Yes, still can
    Have you purchased donuts: Yes
    Level: 22
    Quest line: Random
    Conform-o-meter: 5 stars
    Approximate percentage of purchased spaced used: 60%
    Most expense land expansion purchased: $50,000+
    Other Comments: Yeah its called fix the bugs and increase game play time.. these little level jumps are long enough till the next update.. YOU need to make it jump by 10 each update or something :mrgreen:
  • BBuild232
    5 posts
    edited October 2012
    Who is collecting this data? And what kind of moron would buy donuts when their iPhone is jailbroken?

    Certainly not terrorists or asians.

    Morons that like to sample instead of steal? Should have stole. The refund process isn't great.
  • lilydalelah
    134 posts
    edited October 2012
    Ok Im not sure who's collecting data for what but...

    As of late yesterday I cannot load game.

    I am not yet on iOS 4.3 so had to make do without Halloween update. My lack of update seemed to coincide with crash upon visiting 'friends'. I could still play game as previous version and could visit default "Other Springfield" 1x/day. I see signs that "friends" visit me due to the school graphiti/mop, and hands above buildings.

    Spend another $10 bux of husband's hard earned money yesterday, on Moleman and the bully kid. All was ok except i miss visiting neighbors.

    I was without a conformorometer for days so missed out on bonuses. To force a sync I logged out of game and logged in via web to Origin. I changed a few minor settings via web and logged back into game on iphone.

    I cannot launch the game at all now.

    I can (sometimes) launch my origin acct by Logout/login then view friends, news, requests etc (and i added a few friends via accepting requests) If i get in at all i can see my settings/profile, but not reliably.

    But most importantly, I cannot Launch game! And i just bought 2 premium characters; have the orange house building that should be done by now. I'm iOS4.2x not able to do latest update but that was ok w/ me for now.

    Anyone know how i can force the powers that be to SYNC so i can launch my game??

    And yes i realize updating iOS is necessary but i'm not doing that just yet.
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