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Petition to earn back donuts. Please sign!

I have been a loyal game player for 7 months now. I've collected and bought donuts in that time. On the 9th, because the event was supposed to end I spent all 245 of my donuts to buy the motel because I didn't want to take the chance of the event ending and me not getting it. I'm sure others did this too. I am extremely disappointed and angry that EA decided to extend the event a week without any notice. That should have been announced on the 9th. I could have easily have gotten the 12500 snakes by then. I only needed 2500 snakes. But EA knew people would spend money and use donuts. I think EA SHOULD ALLOW US TO EXCHANGE OUR UNUSED SNAKES AND EGGS FOR DONUTS. Like 1 donut for every 50 snakes and eggs or something (similar to what they did at Christmas) This would allow us who were cheated and tricked into using our donuts for no reason to gain back a few. Obviously I can't get back my 245 donuts which took me 7 months, countless hours of gameplay, and my real money to get. If EA doesn't right this wrong I'm afraid I won't be playing anymore. Please sign this petition and tell EA we won't be tricked again! Thanks
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