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What’s everyone’s favourite & least favourite decoration/building to date?

Favourite: Eiffel Tower
Least Favourite: Re-Neducation Centre


  • Here's mine.

    Favourite - Springfield Fire Department.

    Least - Orphan Alley + dozens of others.
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  • cdepast
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    I only dislike the very tall buildings - so if I had to pick, it would be the Popsicle stick tower. Favorite is hard...but I love my old west section and ski area.
  • Favorite: Redwood tree
    Least: Springfield elementary and any other that doesn't seem to have the correct sizing
  • I have too many favorites to attempt a ranking. Here are some of my least favorite decos:
    - Covered bridge
    - Royal MyPod
    - Checkpoint park bench
  • OhHappyJays
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    edited January 2018
    My Favorite Building so far? Probably the Money Mountain. Burns is stuck in an endless 24-loop trying to climb it. :D

    My Least Favorite Building? Probably the Battle Dome. I don't like buildings that are too big horizontally, rather than vertically.

    Vertical buildings I'm okay with since you can hide XP multipliers behind them. You can really do that easily with long, horizontal buildings.
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  • teo47
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    Favorite: Bad Dream House. Have always loved the look of it and its animation. Second favorite is probably the Aztec Theater.

    Least Favorite: Hard to pick one, so many boring rectangular buildings to choose from.
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  • Faves : really, all the Parisian and Tokyo stuff. I like the Stonecutters tunnel, and the God's office that came with Jesus (love how it fits right over top of the mountains).

    Least: not a fan of the Battledome, I agree covered bridge and permutations were useless.
  • Really don't have a favourite building to be honest maybe at a push La Maison Derrière, least favourite has to be all the hideous oversized useless Springfield Heights buildings.
  • I actually really like some of the houses. The Old Simpson Farm, Bob's Victorian House, Bad Dreams House as someone else mentioned, and Cool Brown House. While not a house, the Ski Chalet and The Hungry Hun are great and also go well together, and honorable mention to the Retro Style Townhouse. As the colored houses go, the White House is definitely my favorite.

    As for least favorites, probably many of the Springfield Heights buildings. I managed to at least do something interesting with the Classic Mansions, but the Valet Parking is just... ugh. Business Center is okay at lower levels, but just looks ridiculous at the higher levels and I don't need 10 of them either - one is plenty.
  • bluntcard
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    edited January 2018
    Worst: Burn's State Prison.
    Best: House of Evil
    Edit: I'll swap out Nightmare Bed for best, once they upgrade it to be like The Zombie Sandwich.
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    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • Will say that the zombie sandwich is by far the best deco after I just received it.

    Allows me to create walking dead themes anywhere by drawing all the character to it. And all the main characters to boot. Apu even has the hanging eyeball in honor of Glenn lol.

    Tetanus station right now is themed after terminus in the series I just need to get the do not enter (or do) sign and put some on the road leading there. And hopefully I'll get an outdoor decoration at some point that look like their cooking area etc.

    Next I'm going to theme an area after the prison they use and put the garden out front with gravedigger billy out there working hard. Put a tank out front for the governor. All good stuff and can place the zombie sandwich anywhere for the characters to gather around.

    I strongly suggest EA make more decos do this. Keeps the game very very interesting to use characters to help your themes. Even characters that come with a deco that only they are attached to and animated are huge bonus for town building.

  • Favorite - My casino area
    Least - all of Springfield Heights
  • I hate just about everything from the futuristic event we had awhile back. None of it fits within the town and it’s a waste of space.

    My favorite is probably the duff brewery or the stonecutters pyramid
  • The Sha Boom Ka Boom, I think I just like to say Sha Boom Ka Boom. Lol, makes me laugh every time I say it lol
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