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fijigus friends list

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I've added a number of friends and got invites from a few others since the last couple days of trying to hit the 10k or 12.5k mark. I didn't make 12.5k, but with the extension I have 3 or people that are expecting to trade back and forth with me and no good way to contact them all. But now I know we can make it to the goal.

And I have a number of friends that are past 12.5k and probably bored with the event.

Sooooo, if you are on my list and still trying to hit 10k or 12.5k, make sure and let me know via PM or arrange the eggs you leave with your initials or something.

If you are on my friends list with eggs to spare, please drop em all in my town so that I and the others still trying to make 12.5k can crack em for snakes and eggs and pass the eggs back and forth as they dwindle down to zero.

As soon as I hit 12.5k I will continue to get eggs and drop them all in everyone's towns that I can see are still short. (using Lisa's "send Lisa to other town to release snakes" job to see how many snakes my friends have.)
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