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Help. Is my game gonna reset to Lvl 1?

I get that message almost daily and have never been reset.


  • spiffshine
    1978 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    This happens to me from time to time. Make sure you are logged in and go ahead and hit "continue". If you are not logged in to your origin account, you might get a blank empty town and, if anything like me, freak out a little until you realize that you are not playing your own game.

    If this happens a lot (the warning, not the freak out), try tapping the neighborhood icon with Bart & Milhouse before closing the game each time. That way you are sure that your progress is saved/synced before exiting.
  • caesarscott
    82 posts
    edited October 2012
    thanks everybody. it didnt screw me up.
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