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Luigi prompting Fat Tony to have a special...



  • Dahl_Lin
    151 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    If it were me, I would fully exit the app.

    Not sure about others but on iPhone refereed to a hard reset.

    Double tap home button.

    Press and hold Tapped Out until the icons start wiggling and then tap the minus in the red circle to fully exit.

  • Nelly1989
    79 posts
    edited May 2013
    Thanks I'll try that.
  • Dahl_Lin
    151 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    No problem. Hope it works!
    Minus the harp of death sound I once got the hard reset has always fixed glitches for me.

    And if not, maybe another response will have turned up by then hehe.
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