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Why Can't the Buildings/items be rotated at a 360 degrees?



  • bobbell234
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    TRTX84 wrote:
    bobbell234 wrote:
    So it's just a matter of EA not creating the missing 2 faces. EA's artists did not create the other two faces and that's the *only* reason there are not 4-direction buildings.

    It's not just 2 extra faces, it's additional support for animations from these two new views. And when you consider that the Aztec Theater isn't exactly known for it's legendary backyard, is there really that much value from a usage standpoint? I've seen some pretty amazing towns on this board without the ability to do 360 rotation.

    Good point about the animation. I did not consider that. There would be some difficulty for a significant number of buildings.

    The only time I miss full rotation is on some streets where I want buildings surrounding a park or other feature and facing out from the feature towards the northwest or northeast.

    I do agree that full rotation of decorations is probably more satisfying in most cases. And fences requiring a full space to occupy drives me nuts on the orientations that force an extra space between the fence and the road. I want to **** the fence up to the sidewalk, for crying out loud!
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  • cacobart
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    Because EA wants you to buy The Sims for that :P
  • Samwellthefirst
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    The main reason will be size of game. iPhones are already notorious for running hot when plying tsto due to the sheer size the games at already, as well as losing 1% of battery every minute or so, 1 day we will probably have 4 models for each building but until most players have more capable devices, the devs have to be careful with the size of the game
  • Samwellthefirst
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    I hate all the gaps you get in the fences, the hedges work ok cos they fill te whole square and you can get the 1x1 hedge to fill in gaps. I like the new purple wall but have had to bodge any gaps.

    The new cobblestone wall will overlap on corners, and as for the fences, I just cover up gaps with trees, or part of the house they belong to
  • 10011137
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    With only 2 sides of a building available you really can only build 2 sides of a city block, the upper and upper right side you have to "fake". Some buildings can actually be used for an inner yard though, like here:


    But there arent nearly enough of those.

    At the very least you should be able to rotate benches, parking lots and other decorations.

    Right now the buildings aren't even really able to rotate at all, what it does is mirror the image. You see this by for example the garage of houses shifting side (this really drives me crazy).
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  • GodaiNoBaka
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    Take, for example, the bench. One of the first things I wanted to do once I started organizing my town was to set up clusters of 4 benches facing inward in a square. This would have worked outside Krusty Burger, or in a park/picnic area.

    But you can't really do that with only 90 degree rotation. Well, you CAN, but it looks weird because half the benches are facing INSIDE the circle and the other half are facing OUTSIDE of it. It ruins the intended look, which is that of a casual but integral grouping.

    One example among many. Not huge in the big scheme of things, but annoying.

    As for buildings...while I agree that perhaps most buildings won't look that good from the back, there are some very good reasons that some people (myself included) would want to be able to rotate them 270 degrees, if not 360. Most of my buildings are placed to face the street - since to my eye, this is the "right" and "realistic" way to do it. Since the current models face only "right" or "down", this makes it impossible to do a row of right-facing buildings, a street, and a row of left-facing buildings. This would be the most efficient way of placing a large number of small buildings, which will probably become more and more important as more and more people max out their available land.

    Again, just one, relatively minor example. There are others I have run across, and I'm sure others have some that I haven't yet.
  • paulzuk
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    EA probably deny us 360 degree rotation to give people something to talk about in the forum. Perhaps it's their way of making the game more social. EA are weird.
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