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Should I Put The Cemeteries Away?

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It's really up to you. It won't hurt anything if you do. There's an outside chance that treats will have some sort of value after Halloween, maybe traded in for game cash (not donuts), or a special item(s) released at the end. But there's no guarantee of that happening, so leftovers may just get wasted.

I've stopped sending characters on treat jobs entirely, but I still collect from my cemeteries so I can go tp'n to help out some of my lower level friends who haven't had as many opportunities to acquire treats and maybe haven't finished buying all the treat purchasable items yet.


  • mitsuhoney
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    edited October 2012
    Good idea, I guess I could just give Kang a 24 hour task each day, at least he could give me XP.

    October 31 is almost upon us anyway, may as well just deal with the hordes of zombies roaming till then! :)
  • adruralo
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    I'm getting a little fed up of the zombies walking around now, though it was fun at first. So I put the cemeteries away for a while, but my friends were visiting each day and egging the buildings and throwing TP all over the trees (getting a limited supply of eggs, TP and Treats) so eventually I returned the cemeteries back into the city to gain more items and returned the favour to my friends.
    Even when I put the cemeteries into storage, a random two zombies would appear every day.
    I'm hoping that after the haloween period that the zombies will be gone.
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