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Have you stopped whacking yet?

I only whack the snakes in my town now.. it kind of makes my town lag when i collect and try to send my characters on tasks in the morning..


  • XxEpicnezzxX
    1367 posts
    edited May 2013
    I quit days ago! Lol I voted for "Nawp." Nice word, sir! :mrgreen:
  • potatocato
    80 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    I haven't gone to friends towns for a couple weeks. I got sick of that pretty quickly! Especially when people have giant house farms, or chuck buildings wherever.
  • sherryt07
    3273 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    Nawp. One more box to go. :mrgreen:
  • paulydubs
    3 posts
    edited May 2013
    I payed for everything seeing on how that's my go to move since the beginning. I couldn't believe the amount of snakes they expected us to whack when I first saw it. My eggs have been piling up though cause I'm waaaay too lazy to put them in my friends springfields lol.
  • stevieort
    618 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    I pretty much only whack snakes in my town, maybe twice a day at most. There are so many characters now to service that have snakes run amok all over distracts. I'm helping out one last friend with eggs, so he's the only neighbor I've been helping out with eggs lately.
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  • bobbell234
    95 posts
    edited May 2013
    It must be a sick compulsion with me. I can't stop whacking. Mom warned me that once I started I wouldn't be able to stop. I hate it that she was so right. And I'm so wrong.
  • OrdealByFire
    916 posts
    edited May 2013
    I thought I'd feel the need to get rid of any that came up in my town even after the Motel came up ... luckily, I haven't. I do it now and then to get some eggs to give to a friend that needs some, but other than that, meh.
  • Linky2g
    665 posts
    edited May 2013
    about 3 weeks ago now. and I've packed away all my logs and stumps etc until they stop making snakes and switch to cash.
  • luckyblue_e
    19 posts
    edited May 2013
    I don't tap on the snakes and I don't tap on my rocks/log either. I had about 20 eggs, and wasn't going to open them, but today I finally got my Springfield the perfect way I want (minus some details) so while everything was in storage I got rid of all the snakes and eggs.
  • Ironfit73
    46 posts
    edited May 2013
    Stopped a while ago. Put about 7000 eggs in other springfields and got bored!
  • durarararara
    2855 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    Finished with the prizes over a week ago and just try to collect eggs to help my neighbors.
  • smalltowngirl26
    110 posts
    edited May 2013
    Since your finished... Any eggs going spare? I'm 2000 off motel :cry:
  • Linkster79
    82 posts
    edited May 2013
    Only tapping my town just so I don't get masses of lag.
  • briangibson870
    71 posts
    edited May 2013
    Extended till 5/16. Get snake boxes and prizes
  • MagicCripple
    42 posts
    edited May 2013
    Still need the coliseum and sleazy motel.... May not make it, but still trying. Im on my own now pretty much, people dont seem to visit and drop eggs.

    Also, gave up visiting neighbors, too time consuming. I do have a throwaway account for the event, so not entirely SOL yet.

    Wouldnt have been to upset if the event ended when It was originally supposed to, but...

    With the extension I will continue to whack until Im sore and hurting, or maybe I'll finish. (Im sorry I had to make the joke, apologies it that was out of line here.)
  • tobypine2
    292 posts
    edited May 2013
    400 more and ill get my Willy!!! Then ill stop cold.

    Gotta stop rereading my posts. . .
  • JoshJHunter
    437 posts
    edited May 2013
    I'm done, but I still whack all the snakes in my town on hope of getting eggs for my friends.
  • dmk1987
    19 posts
    edited May 2013
    I have another 500 snakes to whack before I can call it quits. All for miss Springfield x.x
  • sahl908
    989 posts
    edited May 2013
    Stopped a long time ago :).
  • PlacentaSandwich
    1148 posts
    edited May 2013
    About 1 week ago.
    I'm at 14.500 snakes atm, and I'm done with this event.
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