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Not getting scrap and cola cans in friends towns

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Hi, I don't get any scrap or cola cans in my friends towns. I even spent 60 donuts on the Combat Orders to get extra ones. EA emailed me a list a things to do, like reboot my iPad, download a different app, delete game and down load it again, and log in from Facebook which I don't know how to do plus I think Fb knows too much about everyone already. I've done all these thing 5 times already and still doesn't work. Anyother thing I can try?
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  • I have the same issue. Have contacted EA three times and they sent me the same email. I followed all the steps. However, I am still having this issue. It’s been over a month now. I don’t get any of the items other than money and XP, when visiting my friends. Not sure what to do. They said they did not have an answer to the issue, nor were able to fix it yet.
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