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Boats!! All my water areas look too plain :(.


  • blbrooks38
    217 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    Disco Stu with a boardwalk club for Squidport. Yeah! Jersey Shore Simpson style.

  • Thy21
    9 posts
    edited May 2013
    i want to use the sea or at least the grass patch between the actual town and the water....

    and i want stumpy!
  • Taha24
    35 posts
    edited May 2013
    Patty and Selma
  • jacko_9997
    532 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    "Miss springfield in a bikini" :mrgreen:
    And also we need a krustyland or even a duff gardens or itchy and scratchy land or something would be acceptable. EA WE NEED THIS IN OUR GAME!!!!!!! *stomps foot down, stomps so hard that catches edge of trousers* *trousers fall down* :oops:
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