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Cletus repeating quests.

Current level is 15.

Current quests being worked on:
* Make Cletus Brew Moonshine (in the "Let Your Hillbillies be Hillbillies" quest line).
* Build Control Building (in the "It's Pronounced Nu-Cular Pt. 3" quest line).
* Build Android's Dungeon (in the Bad Dream House Pt. 3" quest line, something else I can't start on due to not receiving the quest).

I've left all characters out of tasks/buildings/etc for well over half an hour and none have popped up new quests.


  • El_pachuco069
    14 posts
    edited October 2012
    Have apu finish all his quest, after doing the 3 or 4 day shift for apu the 24 hr shift pops up. I then did that shift and after it was done Flanders triggered the church quest. Try that because my Cletus has been in the same loop mentioned above for at least a week now.
  • adruralo
    3290 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    Cletus repeated quests are side quests and have no effect on the main quests.
    You are at present building or about to build the power plant.
    Each quest for each building as it progresses through the main quest needs to be completed first and then various tasks by the characters have to be completed before the next building will be unlocked.
    So no quest will arrive for your next building until the power plant and it's sorted quests are complete. (You are now on the last of the three sections of the power plant)

    When you have completed the main quests for the power plant, then next building will be Barts treehouse, Springfield Library (if not already obtained this) then Androids dungeon, orange house and then the first church of Springfield, willies shack, Java server and so on. Remember it is Apu that will bring forth the quest for the church, but you have little way to go before that.

    So as far as Cletus repeated looped quests should have no effect on your main quests.
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  • lithoguy
    77 posts
    edited October 2012
    Yeah, but i already, built the school and Willy's Shack. I feel like its three job cap, and he keeps stealing a spot.
  • vaicilajean
    102 posts
    edited October 2012
    I've had Cletus prompt a bunch of tasks too, but it doesn't seem to be hindering progress on the other main quests. I'm currently building Bart's treehouse. I've worked through the school, Willy's shack, and the nuclear plant buildings, all while Cletus kept prompting random repeat quests. So I don't think that's what's holding you back, Lithoguy.

    I'm also wondering if I'll make it to the church in time for the Heck House facade. I have enough treats already but can't purchase it without the church!

    Also, Lithoguy, I've definitely had more than 3 open quests at a time (up to five, I think), so I don't think there's a cap at 3. Sorry I can't help more than that!
  • vaicilajean
    102 posts
    edited October 2012
    Oh, forgot to post this link: http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/The_Simpsons:_Tapped_Out_quests

    I've found this to be helpful in figuring out when the main quests are triggered. I don't think the side quests go in the same order for everyone, since mine don't match up with the wiki exactly. But the main quests are the same order for me.
  • Shoushi29
    25 posts
    edited October 2012
    Hello, I'm having the same issue with Cletus...

    I'm level 20 with a lot of late in building stuff (currently saving for Springfield Downs).

    Hopefully this glitch is not ruining my progression in the game !
  • empiricalbak
    8 posts
    edited October 2012
    I find that there are no timeline quests while waiting to build and building a building. So, while gathering money to build the police station, and the 24 hour build of the station, I only et quests for Cletus and the squeaky kid (bought).

    I've had up to five or six quests at a time during one of the Halloween quests, so that's not the issue.

    I keep characters on a 12 hour cycle, so every character is available at least once or twice per day, so if someone needs to be free to trigger a quest, they are.
  • rgarcia1880
    5 posts
    edited October 2012
    I'm having the same issue with the Cletus quests, it's getting kind of old real fast. Oh well an update will be out soon when Halloween ends(thank god) so well see
  • edjdodd
    9 posts
    edited October 2012
    I'm having the same problem. I'm level 19 and the police station is next on the list to be built but cletus is the only one getting any tasks. I put apu on a 7 day shift a few days ago so I'm wondering if he's needed to move on?
  • gazzajay
    327 posts
    edited October 2012
    edjdodd wrote:
    I'm having the same problem. I'm level 19 and the police station is next on the list to be built but cletus is the only one getting any tasks. I put apu on a 7 day shift a few days ago so I'm wondering if he's needed to move on?

    Yes he is, I just got the police station a few days ago, and apu says something about "being robbed 3 times today", and then he asks for the police station to be built.

    In terms of the cletus's quests, I think it's normal, because I seem to get a loop aswell. As soon as he finishes a year he gets another one straight after
  • edjdodd
    9 posts
    edited October 2012
    Thanks for your reply! I knew one of these days he'd end up stuck in the shop when I needed him!
  • nixandarcee
    57 posts
    edited October 2012
    i think this is normal, my granpa and cletus have been looping their quests non-stop (grandpa has been doing the 1 hour quest continuously for me and cletus has been looping all his quests), have all buildings and maxed out at level 22
  • Jameh20
    200 posts
    edited October 2012
    Mine have been doing it for a few days now :(
  • umphreak420
    24 posts
    edited October 2012
    Same thing as the second to last poster. I'm level 22, have everything maxed and grandpa has been telling stories on couch for a few days now, and Cletus rotates through the missions mentioned above. Guessing we will get an update as soon as Thursday, maybe that will fix it.
  • Warpt1
    198 posts
    edited October 2012
    My Abe Simpson has been doing it since I got him. He will he the tell stories task with a break to feed pigeons then back to telling stories. I don't mind except I think you get LESS money and experience when the task is assigned by the game versus the user assigning it.
  • edited October 2012
    Sometimes I feel like the game starts giving you quests at times you always do them. For example I always put everyone on a 8 hour quest before I go to sleep, and after a while I started always getting 8 hour quests around that time.
  • kllohnes2012
    29 posts
    edited October 2012
    I'm also on level 22. My main issue has been with grandpa repeating the "tell stories on couch" task. Cletus has been repeating tasks as well but since I have all of the buildings and characters his task cycle hasn't been as much of a bother. In addition, at least for Cletus he is doing more than one task while with grandpa he has only been telling stories for well over a week now. I really hope EA fixes this with the next update.
  • iCobraBlade
    2 posts
    edited November 2012
    Got the same Cletus and Grandpa loop going on here. Considering all I had to do was enter "Cletus" and "cletus quests keep repeating" was a recommended search I'd say it's happening to a lot of people.
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