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Idea: Springfield Tour Guide

So I went to send Maggie on her 24 hours Outlands Simpsons House task and noticed that she didn't take a balloon over to it. (What determines when she takes a balloon to a task place?) Instead, she slowly crawled towards the house (which wasn't nearby) and I zoomed in to get a good look.

I think most here have watched characters make their way to a place, but for whatever reason, the Maggie watching was relaxing and entertaining. I was seeing things I don't normally focus on as she crawled and zig zagged past them. Yes, I know I can zoom in and scroll around whenever I want to, but that's a bit different. In that case I know where I'm scrolling to so there's no element of surprise.

So... I want a Springfield Tour Guide in the game! This would be a character I could tap on select to a Tour option. Kinda like a Monorail tour, but less predictable. The character would walk around town, letting you sit back and enjoy the site of your city. And there wouldn't be any task info box in the middle of the screen to clutter things up (like there is now if you follow a character). However, perhaps at certain spots the Guide would pause and spit out some dialog about the item they're near. The dialog could be something simple (i.e. facts about the Simpsons house) or more in-joke ("My gosh, look at all those KEMs").

And, like with the monorail, one could tap on the Guide in a neighbor's town and take a tour that way.


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