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I done Whacking Day

KieranAPB wrote:
Hey everybody, I done Whacking Day.

This morning I hit 12500 snakes, and Whacking Day was officially done for me. I felt a powerful urge to post about my success on this forum because, remarkable, it felt like I had achieved something of importance.

I lost 48 hours on the Whacking Day event because my charactures were all tied up with 24 hour tasks. I never once thought I'd actually get as far as the motel, at best I thought I'd unlock Bare Chested Willie.

After I unlocked the Springfield Coliseum on the 04/05/2013 I decided to end my Whacking Day pursuit because (at the time) I thought it was unrealistic to reach the motel even if an extension was granted. By the time the event was due to to end (09/04/2013) I found myself with 11000 snakes and I realised unlocking the motel was a very real possibility.

I've undertaken this event with no financial help (no purchased Snake Rocks, Logs, Elite Licenses, ect), without buying buildings/speeding up levels, and by visiting only 50 friends and tapping an average of 4 snakes per visit.
I've used two Egg Buddies, but the experience proved to be a little flaky. I've also traded eggs directly which was time consuming but with a better pay off than the Egg Buddy system.

So how was your Whacking Day experience?

Congratulation. it was easy for me as I just bought most of them lol :lol:


  • redcydranth
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    I started playing about 2 weeks into the event and I'm pleased with how I've done. I'm still 680 shy of getting the Helmet Snake though. I know if I had begun playing before the event began, I'd have gotten at least Drederick and the Arena. Oh well, it's a fun game but I'm not gonna stress if I can't get everything in it. Of course, if anyone wants to donate eggs to me, I'd gladly take them, haha. I just started coming on the forum today and have traded all my eggs away to my new neighbors.
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