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Possible Ruffian Fort glitch


  • I sent all 20 this morning and it said I've done 18/25, sent all 20 the second time and it said 24/25, sent all 20 the third time and it said 24/25
  • tonykzr wrote: »
    tonykzr wrote: »
    16/16 for me.

    but, second round finished 7/16
    must send third time for complete.

    Got 18 first, so sent 7 on the second...recorded 5. Just sent 2 more on the task, so will see in the morning...

  • I got credit for 13 of 13 in the morning. Then I got only 10 of 13 the next round. They stopped me at 23 as well.
  • second time attacking the fort....

    got 19/25. set 6, rushed one... 20/25. rushed another... 21/25. then i rushed the last 4, saw 4 thumbs ready to be collected... but only got credit for 3, leaving me at 24/25. set one more, rushed it, and finally got 25/25.
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  • abc1939593565
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    I just now had that glitch I stuck 16 characters in the ruffian fort assault and only got credit for 15 now I just stuck 17 in there and will see what i get in the morning.
  • I ran into this glitch during the second time I attacked. First time I sent 13 & received 13. Second time I sent 14 (to be safe) & I received 9, for a total of 22/25. Annoyed I need to send for a third time.
  • Yea definitely a glitch. Sent 20 and got credited for 18. Then i figured i send 7 plus 1 extra to complete the 25 quest requirement and got credited for 24 total after it was done! Now my game keeps crashing after the quest is done after the new dialogue starts
  • Third time's a charm. I sent 11 to finally get to 25. Doesn't matter as the questline will stall until I get moe.
  • Has anyone finished in 2 rounds :grey_question:
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  • wiedmannaj
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    Has anyone finished in 2 rounds :grey_question:

    Yeah, I did, in my main town. My secondary town only had 10 characters, so it took three times, but I don't think I missed any. Did everyone send the characters to the right location? It only counted on one.
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    Missing Character: The Barbarian
  • Has anyone finished in 2 rounds :grey_question:

    Yes, I did yesterday morning. But today was unable to do it in 2 rounds. Odd & infuriating.
  • Stuck on 23/25. I've already sent them three times...
  • I had to use 4 donuts to speed up one. Was stuck at 24/25
  • Took me 3 rounds to complete, definitely an issue with it but can't see them bothering to fix it unless as mentioned above several people are getting stuck and finding it not possible to complete the task.
  • Is there some higher purpose of destroying the ruffian fort? It seems to me we get the same rewards for just fortifying the old bases or am I missing something?
  • 2 rounds of 15 last night beat it for me.
  • I am too interested why should we destroy ruffian fort? I finished it because quest required so, but now there is no point, or is there?
  • I destroyed mine again just to see what happens ...you get the animations repeat. Then fortify pop up repeats. No real point to it :/
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  • Only for those that prefer to watch the animation. Other than that there is no reason to switch between them.
  • If you have a Challenge to Assault, you'll have to Assault it. You can't Assault the others any longer.
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