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Houses to earn money

It depends.

I found before the whacking day update I had enough money for the buildings and land as needed as it was 3 days between buildings being prompted. Now I still need to wait the 3 days but the buildings are prompted as soon as one is finished.

But then once you finish the story line buildings it seems that all you do is build cash and there isn't much to spend it on.

I haven't finished the storyline buildings. (waiting for the hospital to be prompted and building Wiggum's house)

So it really depends how fast you want to progress.


  • Skyrim-mrp
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    edited May 2013
    Is building a bunch of houses the best way to advance in the game money wise? I feel like I never have enough money for my level to buy new buildings and manage to expand my land. is it best to build a bunch of houses (usually blue) and save up/buy land first?
    that's pretty much what I did with white houses it took a very long time to buy all the White Houses I need plus buying up the land. Then one I got the land and bought the building I did a huge twn remodel and have used a farm since. It's total up to u how u play it but geting money at the start I found it to be quite hard.....or I was just impatient lol :lol:
  • natalie1820
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    Thanks for the replies, I think I'm going to try to keep it small and only use it until I get more land
  • bryantvb84
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    edited May 2013
    It seems to be the best way to start earning money. You will see some times with huge house farms. Mostly white houses or blue houses from what i've noticed.
  • tfaehner
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    Yes. Houses help you build your finances very quickly. Purple and blues are the best. I haven't house farmed but I do try to load my new areas with houses built around streets. I'll earn about 60 to 70 k a day just from houses alone so it is def a good strategy.
  • Dyl26
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    I depends which houses, like brown houses don't bring really any thing in. Purple houses are decent they aren't too bad. Pink and Blue houses are pretty good. The best are White and Orange houses. I tried to get a lot of those house they take a bit to give cash but when they do it's fully worth the wait.

    Also any one else notice that Pink House is the next house after blue and costs a bit more. However give less money and XP than the blue house. I always found that odd.

    I have my town covered with the different color houses to have a variety and daily I get a lot of money combined from them.
  • anonymous958
    205 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    I'm a "casual farmer". I don't have a huge house farm, but I have 40 or 50 blue and purple houses. I bought the land and use the houses to fund everything. I can stay ahead of the cost of new stuff USUALLY, but now I'm at level 29 and everything costs a lot more. I'm tempted to not buy anymore land, and to store the farm houses as the game progresses, using the land already acquired for bigger, newer, more money generating buildings. I can always put the farm back later after buying more land. It's sure not worth selling anything most of the time, so it's great that we can store stuff.

    I think a little bit of farming is a good thing. A lot of patience is a better thing!

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