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Items that create the most lag/crashes?

I just found a solution! No town will ever lag again with this! STOP MAKING YOUR TOWN LOOK UGLY WITH HOUSE FARMS.


  • JuliusGulius
    625 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    DohMoe, you seem to be challenged in reading comprehension. Thanks for the attempt at a thoughtful response though. *pats head* You can go back to eating paint chips now.
  • JuliusGulius
    625 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    This little Halloween fence maze significantly contributed to my lag. The second pic is the tail-end of my pumpkin message, where you can see the size of the letters (not over-the-top huge) in relation to the size of the houses.



  • nettangel
    1589 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    Love the fences Julius, looks great!

    It could be the problem, hard to say. I stopped building and removed four peeps from my list and does not crash as much. I still pan across slowly and that helps too.

    Missing working on my town and will wait until the Halloween theme is over with before resuming and see if that was the problem or a glitch.

    I also mentioned this in another post that when I get booted out and get back in, I have noticed it happens when a friend is vandalizing when I am online at the same time.

    Seems the bigger the town, the higher the risk of getting the boot.

    Not sure if this helps but hope you will have better luck!
  • JuliusGulius
    625 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    Thanks, nettangel! I wanted to make it larger, but the game didn't agree with my plans.

    Sorry to hear you had to take a break. I hope the expiration of the Halloween theme does indeed help you with that.. I'll be happy to have the saucer removed from the sky, as I didn't purchase the ray gun. It's getting a wee bit annoying, haha.

    Yeah, I was aware of the "friends visiting" lag/boot. I keep downsizing my list, but always end up maxing out again as I meet new people.

    Thanks for the response. :)

    I'm still curious about the size of decorations versus the lag they generate, if anyone happens to know.

    Happy Friday/Saturday, all.
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