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All Text In All of My Cases on Help.EA.com Are Missing (totally blank)

This is more an issue with help.ea.com than with TSTO, but not sure if anyone else has had this same issue or found a solution?

All of the text on every one of my TSTO cases over the years on Help.EA.com is missing, just blank. I can see the date posted and if it by me or EA CS Rep name and that is it. All text from the actual posts back and forth are simply missing.

I have duplicated this on 3 different browsers (MS IE, Firefox, Chrome) on two different Windows laptops. I have also verified that each of those browsers are updated to the latest versions and have cleared their cache.

I have also duplicated this same error on my Android Galaxy S7 phone, my Android Samsung Tab S2 tablet, and on my Apple Mini 4 with iOS 11.

So I have tried it on 5 different devices with 6 different Browsers....all with the same result.....all text from all cases missing.....which pretty much confirms the error is not my side but with the tech support website in some way.

I have opened a trouble ticket. I need to see text in my cases on help.ea.com.........any suggestions, solutions, or experiencing the same thing?
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