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So the only character I do not have is Cleatus the NFL Robot. Is there a chance he will show up in the vault or can I purchase him somehow? I have two of one of the characters (one is trapped in storage) so maybe they can let me swap them? I was hoping for a chance to get him this last super bowl but with the game not on FOX they didn’t do a tie in.


  • Short answer, he isnt in the vault. Long answer, no one knows when/if he will be released again. Just have to wait and hope he pops up in an event or mystery box.
  • My guess would be the next time fox has the super bowl. I believe that was also the last time he was available
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  • He'll probably be released the next time FOX has TV Rights the Super Bowl.
    SPOILER ALERT: It's not going to be available next year.
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  • Feb. 20, 2020 is the next Fox televised Super Bowl. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  • i waited longer for Grumple, but he/it came back
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    If you're waiting on Fox, you might be dead before that happens. Fox is a joke. I skip by Fox all the time. If I land on a Fox station by mistake, I gag, then need mouthwash to clean the vomit from my mouth.
  • unless they just decide rando to bring it back........
    sounds like it will be a bit
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  • You never know, they may bring him back at the start of the season or playoffs.
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