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I have a new phone, how to i transfer my Tapped Out game to it?

all you do is install it and log in


  • Skyrim-mrp
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    MaxxSpider wrote:
    all you do is install it and log in
    +1 :thumbup:
  • SuperMario643000
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    Do you have a Origen account?
  • Shadiest_one
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    First have you ever tied an origin account to your s2 Springfield? If so just log in on your s3

    If you haven't linked one yet load your Springfield on your s2. Then click the friends tab in the bottom right corner. Once that pops up click the log in button on the bottom left corner. It will ask you for an email. Make sure you type it correct in case you ever forget your password. Then it will ask you for a password, confirm password and age. Then click register. It will say there is a level 29 Springfield on this device, is that your Springfield? Click yes and it will sync. You can now log in on your s3 with the details you just created and your Springfield will load
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