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Making most money (Level 939)

Hey guys,

I was wondering what is the most up-to-date method of making the most method, excluding using characters and their jobs.

I make about $3,000,000-$5,000,000 a day through characters jobs and collecting cash from businesses.

I have over 700 Kwiki Marts net me $50,000 every 3 minutes.

I know you probably think I make enough, I want to be making tens of millions a day and I know it’s possible.

Excluding kwikis, what businesses or houses are best? Basically what should I invest my money in to build up my daily cash?

With my kwiki marts, I constantly sell all 700 and rebuild so I can earn hundreds of donuts a day but I want to build more cash up so I can do that more.

Appreciate all tips and advice. If you want to add me, I’m super active all day long (constantly doing 60 minute jobs for all characters all day) then add: samcarvalho

Thank you!


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