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iTunes gift card...

If I buy a iTunes gift card is it possible to me to buy donuts with 2 different accounts?
But using the same Apple account?

I mean, my brother and I are playing in same iDevice, and I want to buy some donuts for both.
If I buy an iTunes Gift Card and put the money in my Apple account am I able to purchase donuts in both games?

Too confused?
Yeah, me too.

I think it may depend on which iTunes account you were using when you downloaded each game.


  • Darkwormer
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    edited May 2013
    It should work. The iDevice is tied to your Apple ID, not the sub-accounts in tapped out. Applying a gift card to your Apple ID would allow both Tapped Out IDs to buy doughnuts. Pretty sure it only looks at the device to buy doughnuts... meaning I could import my Android account to my wife's iPad and buy doughnuts with her Apple ID.
  • sherryt07
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    edited May 2013
    My son has an app that he can't update. It was downloaded onto his device by someone else from their iTunes account. It requires a different password. I think this would also apply to inapp purchases.
  • Darkwormer
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    edited May 2013
    A game/movie/song ect is tied to the account that bought it. The game will not update until the purchasing account info is entered. In OP's case, the game is owned by the ID associated with the device. Since only one Apple ID is being used here (not two as in your example), the game does not care which Springfield is loaded, since the purchase is tied to the Apple ID. It may ask for login/password when making the purchase, but as long as OP enters the info from the account the gift card was applied to, both accounts can use the same gift card.
  • iliketoannoyyou
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    I buy doughnuts on mine an missis we share my nexus 7 so ain't a prob on android
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